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The House of Harmony

October 18th, 2016

Life Without Harmony

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Such a convoluted, oxy-moron title, but life has gone on with (and without) Harmony.

November 1st (Day of the Dead) will be Harmony’s angelversary. It’s hard to imagine how much can happen in just a two year span, but time waits for no one, especially grieving pawrents.

Although 2 years older now, Melody is still just as adorable as she’s always been. I look into her eyes (yes, the only pup I know that will gaze back with love) and pray that when her time comes that she never has to suffer as Harmony did. She’s very reserve and quiet and won’t present any symptoms unless absolutely necessary. This makes me nervous because I don’t want to know when it’s too late that she’s been hurting in any form-or-fashion. But for now, she seems healthy and content.

Mel chillin' with Dad

Mel chillin’ with Dad

On the other hand, our Meesha, who we adopted a month after losing Harmony, can stub her toe and will come running to us whining as if to get a “make it all better kiss”. It truly is hilarious at times, but I never, ever thought about how different doggie-personalities can be. Meesha is so loving, crazy and loves to do zoomies, whereas she ignites the “border” part in Mel to try and “herd” her.

"Where's my treat?"

“Where’s my treats?”

Meesha enjoying her luvin's.

Meesha enjoying her luvin’s.

And then there’s Kingston, a British Golden; 84 lbs. of hair, slobber and stink. I call him Doublestuff most of the time because that’s what it looks like when laying between Mel (62 lbs.) and Meesha (72 lbs.), like a Double Stuff Oreo.

"I know it's cleaner over there, but I want to lay right here in this mud!"

“I know it’s cleaner over there, but I want to lay right here in this mud ’cause I’m white!”

We didn’t adopt him. We’ve been more like foster pawrents. His owner ran into bad times and asked if we would take him until she got back on her feet. That’s been more than 6 months ago and I’m not sure his “mommy” will ever come back for him. It’s sad, but he doesn’t know ‘cause his life is filled with love and promises that he’s a part of our pack. He is just the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet; not a mean bone in his body. Not the brightest thing either, but, like my sister-in-love would say, “At least he’s purdy.” LOL!

Anyway, having 218 lbs. of puppy luv keeps the void that Harmony left, full of hope and laughter.

Harmony has been tugging on my heart especially hard this week. I’m sad, but not in a grieving way. It’s more to do with the realization that all our fur-babies will leave us eventually.

Harmony’s message? Enjoy every fur-ball, lick, look, bark, and growling minute you have with them for tomorrow comes so much quicker for them than it does for us.

Love you guys.

Harmony Watching It Rain

Harmony Watching It Rain

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