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Light bulbs die my sweet. I will depart. - Magorium

Melody’s First Official Photo

When Melody was dropped off at our front door 4 years ago, never would we have thought she would be the sweetest, loveable girl that she is today. At first we thought she was going to deal with Harmony’s passing pretty well, but then the nightmares started. They have diminished lately and she seems to be adjusting, but we’ve also stepped up our loving and play routines with her. We’re hoping to get another rescue pup as soon as we feel we’re ready. In the meantime, Melly is getting rottener every day. <3


Melody growing into her ears.

Melody growing into her ears.

“I was only around 3 months old when I found my forever home. The next few months I tested my pawrents’ patience by chewing and eating anything that wasn’t glued down. You shoulda seen that big ole GMC. They couldn’t get the 4-wheel drive to kick in after I got a hold of the wiring! LOL! I also took care of the wiring on the pontoon boat and the Ranger Bass boat. Good thing I couldn’t get under the cars ’cause they both looked awfully yummy to me! No worries though, I overheard them whispering the other day that they wouldn’t take nothing for me. Ahhhh . . . I love my home.”


  1. leland4

    Oh Melody…you do have a mischievous twinkle in your eyes!! You sure are a cutie pie and one lucky little lady to have found your way to your new home.

    I have no doubt you will be spoiled rotten and loved greatly by your parents. You have some pretty big paws you’re stepping into. Your job isn’t to replace Harmony but to bring joy and laughter to your parents. Although I hope you find something other than wiring to chew on…you could get zapped if you chew on the wrong wire.

    Hugs sweet Melody!!
    Sahana and her Angel Leland

    • harmony

      She is spoiled so bad!! LOL!
      Actually, this picture is of Melody when we first got her 4 years ago. Her and Harmony were such good buds. She’s still dealing with the loss, just like the rest of us. She doesn’t seem to be having as many nightmares now. Hopefully we’ll be getting her another friend soon to help with the hole Harmony’s departure left.
      I should have been clearer in my post. I’ll rectify that right now.
      Thanks so much for reading!
      Pam, Hub-a-dub, Melody and Angel Harmony

  2. jerry

    Oh Melody! You did WHAT?

    OK those pawrents of yours are even more amazing than I thought. And you really give Wyatt Ray (who just ate our mini blinds) a run for his money!

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