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I remember when  I was so flustered that everyone else was getting “signs” from their Angels and I wasn’t getting anything. Truth is, I was closed down emotionally and not able to recognize a brick upside the head! LOL! But then it happened and I felt like that part of the movie where Helen Keller (Patty Duke) finally realizes that the water she felt on her hands is also what her teacher was spelling out with her fingers. The signs have always been there, I just wasn’t open yet to recognize them!

And, while we’re on the subject, I figure many of you are noticing a pattern with me when I refer to this movie or that movie. Well, that’s because I’ve been working in the movie industry for 23 years. I kid folks that it’s the closest thing to getting paid for using a TV remote! HA! So when I reference a movie, and I will, please forgive me in advance. Thanks!

With that said, I watched a lot of movies over the weekend and I saw some more signs. But what I realized was that when I opened myself up to see the signs, there was more than one Angel talking. For example, I can’t even remember what the movie was, but as I watched the credits scroll at the end, there it was; one name above the other, “Jasper” and then “Lily”.  Now what are the chances that a) that would occur in the credits and b) that I would actually notice it!? Is it because I’ve had Alison and Jasper Lily on my mind or was it Shelby talking to Alison through me?

And then I re-watched the movie “Epic”. And there he was, an animated tripawd pug named Ozzie that saved the day. They didn’t have to draw him that way. He could have saved the day as a quad. And since I had seen the movie before, the pug was an uneventful character for me. Now after my journey with Harmony and you folks, he means everything to me!! I didn’t have to watch the movie again, but I chose to.

But there’s more, hold on to your britches ’cause I received an email from a very good friend who was telling me about a bar/grill that he was going to see with thoughts of purchasing it. He sent me a picture of the frontage, “Harmony’s Bar”.

Got chill bumps?

My point is this, signs are everywhere. We choose, sometimes subconsciously, to see them or not. I’m no expert, but I think it’s a matter of freeing our hearts and minds of the emotional baggage we picked up during our perspective journeys.

We can’t put more tea in a cup that’s already full. Yeah, I got that from a movie too. WOOT!


Ozzie the Tripug

Ozzie the Tripug



  1. Codie Rae

    I am so glad you are now able to see the signs that Harmony (and the others!) are sending your way. I think it is a sure sign that you are beginning to heal.

    I sure hope your friend buys the bar! We can all write him ask him to keep the name!

    Signs indeed. My first GSD Rosa had a little spot of white hair in the middle of her chest. And each one of the 4 dogs it took to fill the gaping hole her passing left in my heart has … a little white spot of hair in the center of their chest. Well, technically, Smokey only has a few long white hairs but they still count :). So this is how I know for sure that Rosa sent me each one of these dogs so I could heal from her loss.

    Martha, Codie Rae, and the OP

    • harmony

      My friend was in last week and we went to supper. When I asked about the bar he said that they were asking too much money for it. He lives in New Buffalo, Michigan. I think he would go back to the bargaining table with them if/when the price is dropped. But I totally got goosebumps when he sent me that picture!!

  2. mom2shelby

    GREAT post!!! I am sure that was Shelby visiting. .. she likes to visit lots of people I’ve ‘met’ here. 🙂

    Signs are tricky … I look and look and then I see nothing but when I stop looking, they become so visible. Shelby is with me all the time – sometimes stronger than others. But I do feel her and it brings me peace. Until we meet again! I hope your friend gets the bar! That would be soooo cool!!!

    Hugs and love,
    alison with the spirit of shelby fur-ever in her heart (and little jasper too)

    • harmony

      I know!! I think I was vacuuming or something like that, and in a quick glance I looked up at the screen and saw the “Jasper” “Lily”. Absolutely Shelby was visiting!! I knew it instantly. I mean, come on, how many people do you know that would actually read the entire credit at the end of a movie???
      Any-hoo, I knew I had been thinking about you and Jasper Lily and the ampuversary and JL’s antics. The sign made me smile just like when I see the pics of JL and her ears!!!

  3. jerry

    Hmm not sure why your blog is asking for contact info in the comments, has it always done that?

    Anyhow, just want to say I think it’s AWESOME you saw these signs and embraced them for what they truly are: the Universe pointing you in the direction you need to be headed.

    Jerry got us thinking along these lines just like Harmony has for you. When Jer got sick, all of a sudden our hearts were opened up like they had never been before. He put things, people, places, experiences, in front of us that we were ready to see at just the right time, and it changed our world forever.

    I used to think stuff like this was hoo-haw until I really started paying attention to “coincidences.” And then,I discovered there are no coincidences, everything is meant to happen the way it does, how it does, where it does. There’s a lot of great works on this subject, one of my favorites being The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. And then there’s “The Secret,” which is super powerful reading as well. Something you might want to check out.

    YAY! Awesome post, so happy for you!

    • harmony

      Ya know (regarding the “request for contact info”), I’ve been having all kinds of weird stuff happening on this site. I just figured it was because I was still inept in getting around in the program. Then again, maybe it’s because I sign on from four different devices through the course of a day. Even when I subscribe to things, I don’t always get the notice. Then there are times I try to comment on someone else’s page and it will ask me for more info. I remember somewhere that another member couldn’t post a comment on my page. And there was this really weird thing where I typed a response in one of the forums and it transposed my left and right hand entries. That really freaked me out! Obviously I haven’t a clue, I just roll with the punches.
      I am so totally on the same page with you regarding the Universe and our role(s) in its theater. I’m also familiar with Wayne Dyer. When he first started his books on tape, I did many of his cassette sleeves here in Nashville. If you’re into his work, you would really love the book “Key to Yourself” by Venice Bloodworth. It was first published back in the 50’s. I still have my dog-eared one that was given to me as a gift in the mid-80’s. It’s a great foundation read.
      Bottom line, we are all connected, we just need to be receptive to what we see and feel.

    • Genevieve

      You’ve got it in one. Codlun’t have put it better.

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