Why do we live on a planet where each life, whether plant or animal, has its own unique life expectancy?

Every day I come to the Tripawd Forums and read about the loss of another fur baby. Rarely do I ever get online and not feel the rage and heartbreak over the premature delivery of another innocent to the Rainbow Bridge.

We would be better humans if we were more dog.

And they are innocents! Never, ever was there a companion with purer love and devotion than the fur-babies who’ve come in-and-out of our lives. Their capacity to love through any emotion we throw at them is unfathomable. To wag their tail or greet us with a “kiss” when they’ve just come out of surgery or chemo is truly love in the purest form. And what about all those sweet rescued souls who lived lives of abuse and neglect? Whether they hobble across the floor or run, the outcome is the same; unrequited devotion.

We should be more dog.

But the truth is, their lives weren’t meant to be as long as ours. Maybe it’s because we were charged in the Garden of Eden to take care of the plants and animals. We can’t do that if our life expectancy is short. There are so many more in need and my heart has plenty of room.

There is a price to be paid for such a love. Harmony gave of it freely as did all the others. I can only hope to live by their example.

Be more dog.

R.I.P. Saint Harmony

R.I.P. Saint Harmony