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Melody’s Song is Missing Harmony

Well, Harmony’s Angelversary is quickly approaching, but my attention has been on Mel (Melody) lately and the changes she’s gone through since Harmony’s departure.

When we first acquired Mel (dumped out in the country) we couldn’t help but love her. She was very young, spastic and hadn’t grown into her ears yet. Harmony was an 3 year old “only child” and we didn’t know how she would adjust, but our fears were squashed as they immediately began to bond. It was as if Harmony found her missing puzzle piece, hence the name Melody. And for Mel, well Harmony brought peace to her anxiousness. She was much more balanced as long as Harmony was around.

They were so happy together and never was there an ill-grrrr between the two of them.

As the next 4 years came-and-went, they continued to play until Harmony got sick.

For nearly a month, Harmony got all of our attention out of necessity. Poor Mel sat on the sidelines while she not only lost her playmate, but our temporary companionship as well.

She patiently watched and waited.

When the day came, November 1st, Mel very gently sniffed Harmony’s face and walked on. In that moment as my heart was breaking, I wondered how Mel felt knowing that her best bud was gone. I wondered about her mental and emotional pain, or the lack thereof. I wondered about her coping mechanism all the while wishing at that very moment I could be more dog.

Yes, she is blessed to be without human baggage, but I still couldn’t help but be sad for her loss. I anticipated her possible personality changes and became more attentive than ever.

We mourned Harmony, but we also mourned for Melly.

Then we decided Mel needed a new playmate and found Meesha at a local rescue. We assumed they would be best friends, but they never meshed. Meesha treats Mel more like a pet than a playmate. She will lick Mel’s face and ears, but that’s all.

When Double-stuff (aka Kingston) joined the pack, he and Meesha bonded like Harmony and Melody had in the past. It’s a happy thing, but also sad knowing that Mel is still left-out.

Sure, we love on her but as every day passes, the more aloof she becomes or maybe I just notice it a more. When we bring all three fur-babies in from outside, we nearly always have to go look for Mel. Typically she’ll be by herself looking as if she’s waiting on Harmony.

It’s hard to compensate for her absence, but we try.

As we celebrate Harmony’s Angelversary, my heart sings on behalf of our Melody and the joy she brings us every day.



  1. mom2shelby

    OMG … this breaks my heart to hear how Melody still misses her beloved bestie … we all miss Harmony but how hard for a dog to not fully grasp the emotional intellect of a death. It’s like they know they are not there but they can’t grasp why. It makes me sad.

    Happy to know they had so many blessed years together but I truly believe dogs do mourn loss … my father’s dog was never quite the same after he passed. She died and joined him in heaven less than a year later. I firmly believe her decline in health was due to a broken heart.

    I know how these angel-vesaries sneak up on you and stir up old stuff… sending you love and peace and light as the days come and Nov 1 appears.

    Much love!

    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little Jasper too)

  2. jerry

    Oh sweet Harmony, no matter how long you’re an angel, you are always in our hearts and part of our family.

    I’m sure you are watching over Mel every single day, and helping her to understand that she is so deeply loved and treasured by the pack. I think she has to know that, and maybe she sees her job as chief overseer and protector? She’s such a strong girl. Some day you and your sissy will be reunited and oh what a beautiful day that will be. Until then, maybe dog #4 would be the key to more joy in her life? I don’t know if that’s even a pawsibility, but if it’s doable then heck why not give it a try? Easy for me to say I’m sure!

    Much love and hugs coming to your pack now and always …

  3. Michelle

    I know its hard watching. I see the girls with Bosch. They play like Sassy & he did. I know he misses her as we all do and the girls have brought him joy. I feel for Mel. She misses her friend.
    She knows you all love her and watch over her as well.

    Thinking of you and this Angelversary. I know its hard

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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